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Free Browsing For Ghana 2018 - Download, Stream For Free

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This free browsing cheat works for smartphones as the use of VPN app. PC users can as well join the league with some other methods I will explain as I proceed. I will explain three methods you can use for different devices.

Please note that, you enjoy this without paying a dime. You should also make sure you don’t have any working subscription and your account balance should remain at 0 to avoid the risk of deduction.

1. Your Android Device
2. Your Glo SIM Card
3. Download Queencee VPN from below link:


For Android follow this method

1. Download Queencee VPN from the above link and use the following settings

2. Go to Handler Menu

3. Tick Remove Port

4. Proxy Server:

5. Proxy Type: HTTP

6. Real Proxy Server: or

7. Real Proxy Port: 80

8. Now Click SAVE and select tunnel whole device

9. Hit on the connect button

This should connect within 3-5mins. With that, free browsing for ghana with glo is achieved.

Ghana Glo Free Browsing With PC 2018

1. Open your Firefox browser

2. Click on Options>>Advanced Button>>Click on Network on the sub bar

3. Select Manual Configuration and input the settings below
Http Proxy: turbohide.com
Port: 80

4. Tick "Use this proxy for all protocols" and click OK
5. Now go to your browser address bar and enter Now for some people, this will open straight away. But if you see GLO HSI, refresh it till you see the address change to turbohide.com

6. Now untick "remove scripts and remove object box"

7. Now you can enjoy free browsing via turbohide.com. Just type your URL in the portal search box

We need to apply some settings to the internet download manager to make this work perfectly with downloads.

How To Download With Glo Free Browsing For Ghana
1. Open IDM from your PC
2. Click Options on the sub-menu bar>>Click on Proxy /Socks
3. Now Tick Use Proxy box. Now type the below proxy and port into the boxes provided.
Proxy Server Address: turbohide.com
Port: 80

4. Also tick (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP) and click OK.

With this you should enjoy unlimited browsing, downloads, streaming with Glo.


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yo bro does it still work

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