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HackGh Network Administration & Communications Team

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HackGh Network Administration & Communications

HackGh Network administrators install, support and manage the networks and computer systems that keep information flowing in your company, cafe and homes . We implement and maintain network hardware and software, troubleshoot network problems, and ensure network security, availability & performance standards.

In challenging economic times, organizations like yours can hire new network administrators at HackGh to optimize existing systems to reduce costs and increase productivity. In a strong economy, companies implement new networking and communications technologies to spur a competitive advantage, We have trained and certified network administrators to install, secure and optimize the new systems .

HackGh Network Administrators report using a deep pool of skills on the job. Most notably, skills in VMware ESX, Virtualization, Cisco Networking, and Microsoft SQL Server, on the other hand, include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, and Windows Operating System General Use. Most people who know Network Management / Administration also know Cisco Networking and Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Active Directory tend to be well versed in Microsoft Exchange and Cisco Networking.

Typical daily activities and marketable skill sets for network administrators include the following. Network administrators:

1. Configure and maintain the organization's internal computer network.
2. Manage network security tools, e.g., firewall, anti-virus and intrusion detection systems.
3. Identify, troubleshoot, solve and document network connectivity and performance issues.
4. Install and support hard-line telephones and other networked telecommunication devices.
5. Monitor network performance and optimize the network for optimal speed and availability.
6. Install, configure and maintain network hardware, for example, routers and switches. Deploy, configure and upgrade network software, such as, enterprise antivirus or diagnostics programs.
7. Implement and maintain emergency backup and restore systems for mission-critical network servers.
8. Network administrators regulate user access to sensitive files to protect against internal security breaches.

9. Install internal intercom (telephone which companies can use for making free and non charge calls internally between staffs.

HackGh Network Administration & Communications Team will be more than happy to assist you with any Networking, Communication and Software support, We work around the clock 24/7 in-case of emergencies and availability of equipment and funds.


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