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The Vodafone Dead Sim, THE REAL HACK

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1The Vodafone Dead Sim, THE REAL HACK Empty The Vodafone Dead Sim, THE REAL HACK on Wed Nov 05, 2014 3:46 pm


The Vodafone Dead Sim, THE REAL HACK.
Over the years we have speculated about the Vodafone Dead Sim on the internet on how its is maid, i personally made my own in three months and others claim it six months, Now with the help of An informant who use to make a living out of the Vodafone Dead Sim explains it all.  he shares his knowledge of the Vodafone Dead Sim. we meet at
Rainforest Cafe (20 Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, London W1D7EU)


The Vodafone Dead Sim, THE REAL HACK

DrAcON: so how long have you been making the Vodafone Dead Sim?
Informant: for close to five years, and it the best thing that have ever happen to me.

DrAcON: how do you make your Vodafone Dead Sim?
Informant: In the past,they were two ways but now only one works.

DrAcON: Can you explain the the two ways and also tell me which is working now?
Informant: ok, Vodafone use to sell two kinds of sim card, the 32k and 88k the 128k and so on ( he put his hand in his pocket and showed me the the two sim cards, it was written on the sim card). Show me your sim card

DrAcON: I immediate remove my sim card, which was O2 at the time ( i saw 128k on my O2 sim)
Informant: Now the 88k sim card was the one that needs 3 months, and its not two weeks like everyone is saying on the internet, not all the months have the same number of days. so let me explain in days from the day you make a first call or sms with you 88k sim, you have to wait for 90 - 100days, from the 90days, the error message can appear at anytime within the 91 -100days... simple as that that..... mostly, most Vodafone Dead Sim i have made 88k sim, got dead within 95-97days.and started showing the ERROR message...

DrAcON: Does that mean my was and 88k sim because i got my Vodafone Dead Sim within 3 months and some days?
Informant: Yes it does, but now the 88k sim cards are not in the market again hence, its difficult to get 1 now. i tried hunting for 81k back in Ghana, it was difficult at the time, i remember buying 30( 88k )sim cards from some vendor in kanashie, it was my business at the time..

DrAcON:So what the 2nd methods?
Informant: All the other sim cards 128k , 32k, and the rest are basically the same, it takes 6 months, again let me put it in days, the period is 180 - 190days from the first you make a call or sms with it. from the 180days, the error message can appear at anytime within the 180 -190days, my is around 185-186 day

DrAcON: Its just 2cide back in Ghana, its cheap
Informant: yep that's cheap, you can buy as many as you wont.

DrAcON: How long does the Vodafone Dead Sim last?, this is very debatable.
Informant: Well, it depends on how you treat the sim mostly, constant disconnection will deactivate the sim, but i have use some for close to 3months before it got deactivated.

DrAcON: How about the speed of the Vodafone Dead Sim, my was very fast.
Informant: ofcus it is fast, sometimes you get 1-2 mb speed downloading.. it wasn't that bad, but here in London , 5mb speed is like chicken change.

DrAcON: Anything more i should know about the Vodafone Dead Sim?
Informant:You see it important not to use the sim card for calls during the period of making the Vodafone Dead Sim, just write a date on a piece of paper and wrap it around the sim card, keep it safe, till its ready.

HackGh Advice On The Sim

* Use *122# to check on your credit and look out for the "ERROR" message

* As soon as you get "ERROR" message when you check your credit, this means the Sim have been unregistered from their network and would soon be deactivated and deleted from their database , you can start browsing free with great speed.

* Once you achieve the dead Sim there is no going back( the Sim will be deactivated and deleted from their database) at that point you cannot even recharge. Make sure you don't use a sim card that of important to you, because you will lose that number

* Use use the default apn for Vodafone " browse " that's all you need when the dead sim is ready....... no proxy or whatsoever needed...... it will work with all your application and every thing that uses internet on you Pc without any extra settings.....

* You can insert the sim card in your phone and check everyday and nothing will interfere with the process, the process will only spoil if you load credit to it or use it to make a call, example if you load credit to it, then you have start from day 1..... so don't load credit or make a phone call with the sim card ...that's all.

Buy your Vodafone sim and start keeping it now.......Enjoy


The Vodafone Dead Sim, THE REAL HACK QLCzU2G

The Vodafone Dead Sim, THE REAL HACK 2084913611Hacking Is My Religion ..Hackers InsideThe Vodafone Dead Sim, THE REAL HACK 2084913611

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2The Vodafone Dead Sim, THE REAL HACK Empty Re: The Vodafone Dead Sim, THE REAL HACK on Thu Mar 19, 2015 9:23 pm


Active Newbie
this info is kinda interesting and its the truth because i also got almost all the sims (32k, 88k, 128k) and they were all working well. now when u get an ERROR sim it last for about 1 week or even less then it get deactivated.

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