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FBI Admits It Can’t Hack Newer iPhones

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1hack - FBI Admits It Can’t Hack Newer iPhones Empty FBI Admits It Can’t Hack Newer iPhones on Sat Apr 09, 2016 3:08 pm


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The director of the federal agency James Comey admitted that the FBI’s method to break into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone 5C can’t be applied to newer smartphone models.
Comey confirmed that the hack they used to extract the required information from the device worked on the iPhone 5C and older Apple devices, but cannot be used on newer models with a fingerprint sensor. Security experts suggest that this is connected with older phones’ lack of the so-called “secure enclave” protecting passcodes, security keys and handling the security of the iPhone encryption system.

Comey confirmed that the FBI acquired the tool from a third party after Apple refused to help it bypass the passcode even when brought to the court. The problem is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has yet to disclose publicly how this tool works, despite informing senators about it. However, if the FBI discloses the secret, Apple will fix the flaw and the law enforcement authorities won’t be able to access the content of the criminals’ iPhones anymore. This is why the FBI is negotiating this move with the government first.

The FBI’s hand might be forced if the use of this tool is required in a criminal case, because such information must be disclosed under the rules of discovery. The FBI’s director also says that the hack is “perishable”, because Apple could update its operating system and render the hack inoperable at any moment. James Comey also promised that the FBI would help other law enforcement agencies by unlocking the iPhones for them, even though the evidence they obtain this way couldn’t be used in court.

The FBI never revealed who it purchased the hack from, only saying that the developers’ motivations align with the FBI’s and both parties were very good at keeping secrets.
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