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How To Find And Remove Viruses In Windows Using CMD

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Viruses are annoying. They infect your PC and destroy all the files, settings of your system and even damage the hardware of your system sometimes. There are many antivirus software’s whose both free and premium versions are available on the Internet. Well there is one sad part about these antivirus software’s and that is they fail to remove some particular viruses from your system such as autorun.inf which is one of the most common virus present. You should remove these viruses as soon as you discover them so that don't damage your system. So you can’t remove viruses like autorun.inf using antivirus program, so what to do now? Well we are having one method using which you can remove viruses from your Windows using command prompt. You need to take help of the command prompt and you don’t need any software for this purpose. Keep in mind that this method works on Windows based systems only.

Tutorial for finding and removing viruses using CMD

Follow the step by step guide below to remove viruses from your system using Command Prompt.

•Open the Command Prompt in your system. Go to Search Tab in Start menu and type cmd there.
•Choose the drive which you want to scan. In this case we are taking Drive C. Type C: in the command prompt.
• Now type this command and it will display all the files in C drive including hidden files.


•Look for the files which you are not familiar with. To find the autorun.inf file enter this command.

attrib -h -r -s autorun.inf

•To delete the discovered autorun.inf files, type this command.

del autorun.inf

In similar way you can scan and delete autorun.inf viruses from all the drives. If you want to delete .exe files use the same method.

Tutorial for removing shortcut viruses using CMD

If you are having shortcuts of folder or programs on your system, you can follow the steps mentioned below to remove them. These viruses are mainly present in USB flash drive, so we will remove them from a USB drive in this tutorial.

•Open the command prompt just like you did before.
•Open the Pen Drive directory using command prompt.
•Now type this command and press Enter.

del *.lnk

•Again type another command and press Enter.

-h -r -s /s /d e:\*.*

Using these commands you will be able to remove shortcut folders from your Pen drive. If you want to remove shortcuts from your HDD drive, use the HDD drive location instead of Pen drive location.

Recovering files

If you copied some files in your pen drive but the pen drive is not showing it then it means that there is a virus present in your pen drive. Read the tutorial for recovering those files.

•Open command prompt.
•Type the following command there.

attrib -h -r -s /s /d x:\*.*

Replace letter x with the letter of your Flash drive.

•Press Enter.

Restart your system and there won’t be any viruses present in your system now. We hope this tutorial helped you to remove viruses from your Windows PC. If you have any doubts regarding this tutorial, then you can comment on below section.

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this is really an interesting post... I have been having problems with autorun and ink virus and i think this will help me.... Big ups Hackme make fun of somone make fun of somone make fun of somone make fun of somone make fun of somone

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Sharing is caring, am happy it help


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awesome post!
thanks man..... Very Happy

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